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Current tournament: England 2015 World Championship
Birthday(s) today: Northern Ireland Declan Hughes, Canada Tony Bolahood, India Omprakesh Agrawal
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13-04: Points Scored For & Against (multiple scopes)

This database includes 95,482 matches from 1,016 tournaments featuring 3,826 players from 87 countries. Results cover 699,077 frames with 20,756 centuries and 84 years.

My goal with this site is to provide a complete database of all professional, and otherwise globally significant snooker competition. This database contains records of every professional tournament since 1908.

All lists are dynamic, meaning they are automatically updated and expanded as data is added to the database. Everything which is BLUE is clickable, so feel free to click around and find all the statistics you may be looking for!

While I do my best to keep the site complete and accurate, mistakes or omissions may slip in. NOTE: Currently, the site does not list team events, but this is being worked on.

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Latest additions
England 1976 Canadian Club Masters (Added April 15th 2015)
England 2015 EBSA Amateur Play Offs (Added April 14th 2015)
England 2015 World Championship (Added April 7th 2015)
Jordan 2006 World Amateur Championship - Men (Added March 30th 2015)
Thailand 2015 Players Championship Grand Final (Added March 24th 2015)
Thailand 2007 World Amateur Championship - Men (Added March 21st 2015)
Austria 2008 World Amateur Championship - Men (Added March 21st 2015)
Wales 2015 World Grand Prix (Added March 16th 2015)
India 2009 World Amateur Championship - Men (Added March 13th 2015)
Syria 2010 World Amateur Championship - Men (Added March 13th 2015)
Players Top 10 - All time Professional Matchwins
1 England Steve Davis 920 (63.36%) of 1452 matches won
2 Scotland Stephen Hendry 871 (68.8%) of 1266 matches won
3 Scotland John Higgins 816 (68.63%) of 1189 matches won
4 England Ronnie O'Sullivan 790 (73.97%) of 1068 matches won
5 England Jimmy White 745 (54.78%) of 1360 matches won
6 Wales Mark Williams 725 (63.99%) of 1133 matches won
7 Ireland Ken Doherty 612 (60.96%) of 1004 matches won
8 England Mark Selby 542 (67%) of 809 matches won
9 England Peter Ebdon 538 (57.11%) of 942 matches won
10 England Shaun Murphy 528 (64.39%) of 820 matches won