1988 South African Professional Championship

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Status: Professional Non-ranking (View Tournament History)
Competing players: 4
Season: 1987/1988
Matches played: 3
Dates: 01-01-1988 to 01-01-1988
Frames played: 43
Qualifying dates: -
Location: Gosforth Park, Germiston, South Africa
Centuries made: 0
Qualifiers: 0
Venue: 0
Frames per century: 0
Prize fund: GBP 4.000
Note: Dates tournament was held unknown. The above dates are placeholders.
Missing or incomplete information: Match results, frame scores, centuries, prize money,
If you have any on the above missing information, please contact me.

Round Player 1 Score Player 2
Final Fran├žois Ellis9 (17) 4 Jimmy van Rensberg
Semi-final Fran├žois Ellis9 (17) 8 Robbie Grace
Semi-final Jimmy van Rensberg9 (17) 4 Perrie Mans

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